Joaquin Phoenix Might Not Be The Joker After All


Joaquin Phoenix Might Not Be The Joker After All

Did you happen to think that Joaquin Phoenix might not be the Joker after all?  Yes, the movie is called “Joker” and he looks like the Joker, and we know that Thomas Wayne is in Joker, and a young Bruce Wayne is also in the Joker movie, but is Joaquin Phoenix really THE Joker?  

We know that Phoenix plays a character named Arthur Fleck - Joker traditionally has no name, but the Jack Nicholson Joker in the 1989 Batman was a character named Jack Napier.  So giving The Joker a real name isn’t unprecedented.   We do know that this Joker isn’t part of the DCEU, that Joker is Jared Leto - at least technically for now.  But that Jared Leto Joker plays into this, somewhat.There’s been a few theories that the Suicide Squad Joker isn’t the real Joker, but rather Jason Todd in some warped version of himself.  A lot of fans might wish that to be the case, but it seems that Leto’s Joker was intended to be the “real one.”  Tattoos and all.  

So let’s assume that Jared Leto is the real Joker.  Even though the Joaquin Phoenix Joker is in a different universe, maybe he’s really not?  Maybe Phoenix is one Joker, and Leto is also a Joker?  A comic storyline once revealed that there were actually three Jokers - Maybe Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix are all really The Joker - and this is a sly reference to the comics?  We’ll find out in October 2019 - hopefully.  


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