The Good & The Bad Of Being An Actor! - Actress/Teacher - Lauren O'Quinn

Lauren O Quinn -

Lauren O Quinn -

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Lauren O'Quinn is a very close friend of mine that is filled with talent and knowledge on many things. But she knows the acting industry inside and out. People ask me all the time "How do I get into acting." as well as many other questions about the industry. This amazing woman breaks down the industry and shares some amazing incite.

* Why and how she got into acting.

* What was her first break.

* How working an office job helped her create and run her successful acting school.

* What being an acting agent feels like.

* How one class changed her life forever.

* The one thing every person needs to succeed in the acting industry.

* What you should NEVER do is you are asked in the acting industry.

* 3 giant warning flags to avoid when getting into the industry.

* Why an acting class is important even if you don't want to be a professional actor.

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