WATCH: Hispanic Youth SHOOTS Orlando Police Officer at Mall at Millenia

In a recently published video, a young Hispanic man can be seen shooting at a police officer outside the Millenia Mall.

It all started when Sebastián Sepúlveda Román, 19, was seen drinking from a bottle of alcohol that he kept in a bundle. The officer manages to escort the young man to one of the mall entrances, when he asks him to remove the bundle.

The young man had admitted that he had marijuana and when he made the "attempt" to remove his bundle, what he did was run, pull out a gun and shoot the policeman.

Then there is a foot chase.

Later (not seen in the video) there is an exchange of gunfire between the police and the young man.

According to the police, the young man died, but by a self-inflicted gunshot.

The events occurred in the month of May.

(via Los Anormales/Rumba 100.3)


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