Most Americans Have Been Shamed by a Coworker for Taking Vacation Days

 According to a new survey, 48% of us have been shamed by a coworker for taking vacation days, because it makes their job harder, or they're just jealous. And 36% of us admit WE'VE done it too.

Here are five more stats from an annual survey on our vacation habits . . .

1. Only 45% of us used all our vacation days last year, down from 51% a year ago. And people with unused days are more likely to "vacation shame" a coworker. 52% said they've shamed a coworker, compared to 27% of people who used all of their vacation days.

2. 28% of us have made vacation plans based on how good the photos would look on social media. That's up 12% from last year. And parents are more likely to do it than people without kids.

3. 34% of us post vacation photos online JUST to show off. And again, parents do it more often . . . 40%, compared to 26% for people without kids.

4. 21% of us have felt anxious when people didn't "like" or comment on our vacation photos fast enough.

5. And one-third of people said they've seen social media ruin a vacation before. Too much phone time is the most common thing that causes drama. But 2% of us know someone who got caught CHEATING on vacation because of social media. 




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