Nerdy News: Guardians 2 trailer, Emma Watson won't take a selfie with you, Mel Gibson and Suicide Squad and more!

I just want to take a moment to celebrate me! yay me! i finally got to 100 miles in my running challenge!  i have run 100 miles since January 1st!

The new Guardians 2 trailer is so awesome!!  and we get to see Star Lord's father (it's Kurt Russell)!!!! 


There will be no original uncut Star Wars on Blu-Ray...  sadface...


The live action Beauty and the Beast is almost here!!  And it will feature the first openly gay character in Disney movie.  Somedays, LeFou wants to be Gaston and somedays he wants to kiss Gaston.  


There's a hidden Harry Potter Easter Egg in the final Beauty and the Beast trailer...


And if you ever see Emma Watson in public, she will talk to you all day long, but she won't take a selfie with you.  


Mel Gibson has confirmed he’s in talks for Suicide Squad 2 and he sounds like he’s down to be a part of it.


iPhone 8 losing the lightning charging port?  It might be!!!!


Nerds of the Week:  The Big Bang Theory cast!  The original 5 cast members are taking a pay to help Mayim Balik and Melissa Rauch make more money!

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