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Monsters Wresting Orlando **** Hardcore Wrestling in Downtown Orlando  ****


Welcome the birth of M.W.O., Monsters Wrestling Orlando! At last I can tell you about a project I’ve been working on for almost a year now! I’m the commissioner and C.E.O. of “RRR Productions” and Monsters Wrestling Orlando.Starting March 22, 2017 at The Beacham on Orange Avenue, hardcore, trash mouth, high energy, old school professional wrestling is coming back to DOWNTOWN ORLANDO! Remember the days of “E.C.W.” at the Beacham on Orange Ave.? Hardcore Pro wrestling, when the performers gave everything they had to entertain the audience? I’m bringing that back, and then some!

In Monsters Wrestling Orlando these incredible athletes and entertainers will be competing to give you THE BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT! At the end of the night, you the audience will vote for the match that blew you away. No slackers, no cry babies and no soft matches. The performers in “The Best Match of the Night” will get a CASH bonus for the win! This keeps the wrestlers working hard for you and your vote! There will never be a boring match in M.W.O.! Your vote will count for the win!Join us next Wednesday in downtown for Monsters Wresting Orlando. A night of out-of-control professional Wresting. A full liquor bar, hot ring girls, drink specials and many surprises. 

Our Special Guest for the first match is the one and only “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. I will call the matches with Carlos and Dirty Jim. The music provided by the “Angel of Boom” and other special guests to be announced. I’ve created an incredible night of entertainment that will blow you away, a night the performers will brag about forever and Monster fans will NEVER forget!I’m proud to introduce to you MONSTERS WRESTLING ORLANDO!


Russ Ray Rollins


Monsters in the Morning

Monsters in the Morning

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