Kid Unseats Ellen, Scores 'Nuggs'


As Carter Wilkerson prepped for final exams and attended his prom, he also kept dreaming of one other thing: chicken nuggets, and the retweets that would lead him to trayloads of them. 

The New York Times reports that dream came true this week as the 16-year-old junior from Reno, Nev., known as "Nugget Kid," broke Ellen DeGeneres' record of (at last glance) just over 3.4 million retweets of a single tweet, sent during the 2014 Oscars. 

Carter's record, which currently boasts about 13,000 more retweets than DeGeneres', has earned him a year's supply of Wendy's chicken nuggets, thanks to a friendly challenge he made with the fast-food chain in early April. Technically, Wendy's had a much higher benchmark in response to Carter's original query, which asked how many retweets he'd need to win 365 days' worth of breaded chicken goodness from the restaurant.

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