Public Defender: Video Shows Baltimore Cop Planting Drugs


A man in jail since January on heroin possession charges got a lucky break: bodycam footage apparently showing a Baltimore cop planting drugs. 

The Baltimore Sun and Washington Post report on probes now in the works after the city's public defender released the video last week, taped by the officer's own camera. In the footage, the officer, identified as Richard Pinheiro, is seen in the Jan. 24 incident placing a soup can with a plastic bag in an alley. He then walks to the street, turns on his bodycam, and says, "I'm gonna check here."

He walks back to the can; the plastic bag is shown to contain white capsules. The camera automatically tapes for 30 seconds, sans audio, before it's activated, which is what captured the alleged drug-planting; CNN notes a possible reference to those 30 seconds can be heard on the tape. Footage after that came when Pinheiro flicked the camera on.

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