Hero Describes Pursuit of Texas Church Shooter


Amid the horror of the Sutherland Springs church shooting, two men have emerged as heroes. 

One of them, a rifle-wielding man who engaged the gunman outside the Texas church, has not yet been identified. The other, motorist Johnnie Langendorff, says he pursued gunman Devin Kelley after he witnessed the gunfight Sunday morning and the man who exchanged fire with Kelley told him what had happened.

He says the gunman went off the road after an 11-mile chase and did not emerge from the vehicle afterward. Police say he was found dead in the vehicle, though it's not clear whether he was fatally shot by the armed citizen. Langendorff says he didn't hesitate to pursue the gunman. "He just hurt so many people, and he just affected so many people’s lives," he tells KSAT. "Why wouldn’t you want to take him down?" In other developments:

  • No way out. Wilson County Sheriff Joe D. Tackitt Jr. tells the AP that there would have been no way for parishioners to escape after Kelley, dressed in black tactical-type gear, entered the church and began walking down the central aisle, shooting. The sheriff says he saw terrible scenes inside. "It's unbelievable to see children, men and women, laying there. Defenseless people," he says. "I guess it was seeing the children that were killed. It's one thing to see an adult, but to see a 5-year-old ..." Authorities say two bodies were found outside the church and 23 inside. Another victim died after being hospitalized. More than 20 others were injured.

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