Seal Under Investigation For Sexual Battery After Slamming Oprah's Speech

Less than a week after slamming Oprah Winfrey's 2018 Golden Globes speech that took aim at sexual predators, Seal is now facing an allegation of his very own.  

According to TMZ, the former singer is under investigation for sexual battery. Actress Tracey Birdsall told the news outlet that she was neighbors with Seal, back in fall 2016. The two became friends until she said a violating, shocking incident took place between them where Seal allegedly crossed the line.

Birdsall was in Seal's kitchen picking up a salad spinner that she had loaned him when all of a sudden, he allegedly lunged at her. The actress recalls that the singer was trying to force a kiss on her. When Birdsall asked him "What are you doing?!" he replied, "I'm kissing you!" 

"Birdsall claims Seal then began to belittle her for what she was wearing (a tank top and shorts) -- insinuating she was asking for it -- and he began to grope her breasts. She says she demanded he stop," TMZ reports. 

The site continued: "Tracey tells us Seal then invited her to sit on the couch next to him ... she says she was in shock and complied. Birdsall claims Seal once again began to make fun of what she was wearing and groped her again. Tracey says she left shortly after that and did not have contact with Seal again."

Birdsall goes on to say that she got the courage to speak out about this incident after she saw Seal blast Winfrey for her speech at the Golden Globes that addressed sexual assault and harassment in and out the industry. The singer later backtracked on his comments after receiving backlash. 

A rep for Seal told TMZ: "Seal vehemently denies the recent allegations made against him by a former neighbor for alleged misconduct more than a year ago. He intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations."

Photo: Getty Images

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