Real Radio and the Universal Orlando takeover

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Universal Studios Florida & Real Radio

On Friday March 9th 2018, something special happened. The Monsters, The News Junkie, and popping their remote broadcast cherries, The Jim Colbert Show all took over the Universal Broadcast Center for the day. If you missed any of it, shame on you. Seriously. For shame. But if you did, I've got you covered right here to help you relive the Real Radio all day takeover of Universal Studios! Here are the highlights through their own photos, videos, and podcasts for each show.

The Monsters In The Morning

Thanks to their brand new YouTube channel, you can watch the show as it was streamed live!

That’s my #Pizza Woody!!! 🍕 😂 . I ❤️ #universalstudios ! . . #universalstudiosorlando #woodywoodpecker #usf #universalmoments #cartoons #kids #silly #makeyousmile #kidszone #orlando #cartoonselfie #fun #iloveorlando #carlosnavarro

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It’s a beautiful day to be at #UniversalMardiGras

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The News Junkie

REAL RADIO TAKEOVER 🙌 #UniversalMardiGras #TNJ

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Post show Finnegan’s action! #universalmardigras @realradio1041

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The Jim Colbert Show

Not only was it their first remote broadcast as a show, but they also debuted their new magnets at Universal Studios!

How about this? Looks like we have some magnets

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Holy crap! We are already out of magnets! If you’re out of state message me your address and I will be sure to get one to you!

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And one more! #universalmardigras #thejimcolbertshow

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Come get it! #universalmardigras #thejimcolbertshow

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We also learned that Deb is a Gryffindor, Rauce is a Hufflepuff, Jack is a Ravenclaw, and Jimmy is a Slytherin. 

You must visit Universal Studios Florida to experience Mardi Gras! The food, the music, the parade, THE BEADS! So much fun! Don't miss it!

Posted by Savannah Boan on Friday, March 9, 2018

Fritz is throwing out beads at Universal Orlando Resort for Mardi Gras!

Posted by Real Radio 104.1 on Saturday, March 10, 2018
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