Real Radio Holiday Telethon 2018: Bonus Features!

In previous years, the Monsters in the Morning hosted a telethon right before the Christmas break to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless. This is the first year that Real Radio stretched it to an all day happening! After the Monsters, The News Junkie continued the telethon through their broadcast (11am-3pm) and then The Jim Colbert Show closed it out at 7pm. 

You can visit for more info on how to donate and rewatch/relisten to the broadcast.

Here are some "bonus features" from my view. I to the station around 5am and was hanging around until I took that last photo of the JCS cast. What was your favorite part of the telethon? Email me at and let me know!

Let's start with some photos. 5:15am....

Ryan Holmes vs. Amber Nova

This bit was definitely a highlight of the day. Amber took Ryan to wrestling school and taught him how to tap out with numerous submission holds. She might've even put him to sleep for a minute or two. And then the King of Denmark had to take numerous Flair-chops (slaps to the chest) thanks to listener donations to the Coalition for the Homeless. The cherry on top was Gatorland throwing down $1,000 so Savannah can get a Gator Chop in! And she sure did! 

The Blues Junkie

David Jericko stopped by to sing a little Blue Christmas for The News Junkie crew. And just like any News Junkie live broadcast, the shots started flowing and so did the donations throughout their broadcast!

We had lots of talented musicians and dancers stop by all day. Here's a little musical montage of some of the performances. I personally think Fritz stole the show as part of Karina's dance mob.

Then it was time for The Jim Colbert Show to take over and hopefully take us all the way to our $50,000 goal. And who would've thought that it would've been a t-shirt that put a big dent in that?!

Yes. A t-shirt. 

One that was beautifully painted in our green room by Airbrush Tim of and had Jimmy's smiling face front and center. Even though he appreciated the artwork, Jimmy would rather not wear a shirt with his own likeness on it. But if the price was right... and in cash....he just might.

And then Deb offered the same reward of putting the shirt on for a significant donation from a single donor. And then that happened.

And then someone paid to own the shirt but not until Rauce (who was the first person to wear the shirt), Jack, Deb, and Jimmy signed it.

That shirt made some serious dough!

At 7pm we were so close to our goal at just over $48,000 for the day. But the good news is the telethon replayed on Christmas and we were still accepting donations via calls and texts. I haven't personally heard the official final total, but you  have to think we were right there! Here's a couple more random photos and videos from the day. Thank you to everyone who listened, watched, participated, helped out, and donated! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and here's to a happy and healthy 2019! 


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