Greatest Sitcom Theme Song of All Time!

Since we all have a little extra time on our hands, I thought it would be cool to get a bracket kinda thing going. Y'know, just for fun...AND A $50 MARLOW'S TAVERN GIFT CARD!! Just make your picks and you're entered!

So I asked this question in the Jim Colbert Show's FB group, Jim Members, "Greatest sitcom theme song of all time?" And I got just about 225 responses. So I took all those responses and tried to divide them in to two eras, and then ranked them in to seeds based on how many times each show was mentioned on FB. And now it is time to vote in round one! Each division has 8 "games" going on so that means you will vote 16 times in the first round. Click here to take you to the voting page. The Final Round will end Sunday 4/29 at midnight. You can only vote once. If you need a refresher, scroll down to watch the theme songs!

Now go vote and check back on Wednesday 4/1 to vote on the next round! Email me if you have any questions at

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