Russ Rollins, why such a clean freak?


RRR Monster Blog - "What makes such a clean freak?” 

Answer: Monster models & music.

In the early 70's when I was a kid we didn’t have video games or HBO. Only 3 main networks on TV, sometimes 4 if I used tin foil to get channel 44 from Tampa. I did like to read comic books and put together classic "monster" models with glue. The heads and hands of the classic monsters would glow in the dark. I had Frankenstein, The Werewolf, Godzilla, Creature from the Black lagoon and all the others. I would glue them together, paint them, then place them on my dresser in the order of my favorites. Godzilla and Frankenstein would fight it out back and forth to be the first place model, closest to the door. I felt like my favorite model should be the first one seen by guests that entered my bedroom. Every once in a while King Kong would make it to first place. The Mummy had good run in 1976, but The Hunchback of Notre Dame never made it even close to the door. 

I put a lot of time into painting the monster models and I felt like they all had personally. Something I didn't like was when my monster models would get dusty. The dust would build up on the "glow in the dark" parts and the bright glow would dim at night. That drove me nuts. The dust would not allow the sunlight to soak into the white lucite pieces. In order for them to shine the brightest, I would have to clean them every single day. 

When I would dust, I liked to listen to music. My parents always had a record player in my room and encouraged me to listen to music. I could listen to anything they had , and I did. I really liked Elvis, the Platters, The Carpenters and Dean Martin. When I was able to buy what I wanted, my first album was "Sony & Cher live in Las Vegas". Don't judge, that was cool at the time. They told off color funny jokes in between songs and Cher wore a very revealing Cherokee Indian costume on the inside jacket of the double live album. That picture of Cherokee Cher made me feel funny in my shorts, and I didn't know why. I just liked it. 

Those albums would help me to pass the time while I dusted my monster models. I did this for years. I would cut lawns in the neighborhood, save my money and buy new albums to dust to. I'd ask my Mom to get me some Pledge so I could expand and clean more than monster models. I'd clean all the furniture and my room would smell like an old English mansion. I liked it spotless, loved the smell and the more I cleaned I had an excuse to listen to more albums. 

I had to be fair to the albums. I could not listen to "Saturday Night Fever" more than I listened to "Pat Benatar". So in the interest of fairness I had to listen to a few albums and clean more. I went from dusting to cleaning the mirrors. Listening to "The Steve Miller band" and making the bed, next thing you know I'm vacuuming and arranging my drawers to "Rick James & the Stone City band". The more I listened to music , the more I felt I needed to clean my room. 

I would never just "sit" and listen. That was lazy. I'm not lazy. Dad didn't like lazy men and I wanted my Dad to be proud of me. My Mom got a big kick out of how clean my room was, she was proud of me, so it made me want to clean more. 

So if I had to answer "Russ , why are you such a clean freak?"...... The answer has to be monster models & music. 


Monsters Blogs:  Russ Rollins

Monsters Blogs: Russ Rollins

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