Search Your Ace Off - Big Green Egg Hunt

The Big Green Egg Hunt 2021

The Jim Colbert Show wants you to Search Your Ace Off…again. It’s the Toole’s Ace Hardware Big Green Egg Hunt 2021!

Starting Tuesday March 30th, listen to the Jim Colbert Show for the clues on where in Central Florida you can find this hidden treasure.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it will be to decipher the poem, grab your mask, stay socially distant and “Search Your Ace Off!”

In the hidden treasure is a certificate for a Big Green Egg with accessories courtesy of Toole’s Ace Hardware.

This contest ends when someone finds our Big Green Egg! Happy Hunting!

***CLUE #1

Once again we embark on another Big Green Egg quest,

The last ended quickly, this pursuit will be a healthy test.

Pay close attention and please read between the lines,

And remember, “no trespassing”, I’ll be paying no fines.

Mosquitos await, they’ve been there for years,

Frozen memories of riches, from trees that bore tears.

Barriers were broken, and then broken again,

If these brick streets could talk, what a tale they could spin.

***CLUE #2

In May, the fair would come rushing into town,

And the families would frolic around the old dames grounds.

Stand at her back, and stare fiercely into the brackish breeze,

You are on hallowed ground, the site of a siege.

CLUE #3 will not be needed because a listener named Sean found the Big Green Egg prize at Fort Mellon Park in Sanford, Florida!

Be safe, be careful, Good luck!