Of Course This Yoga Teacher Does Yoga On An Airplane

Airplanes have come a long way.

Flying has never been less boring. There's TV, wifi, and at the very least (or most important, depending on who you are), alcohol. None of that seemed enough for this person. Kate Kay, who as it turns out is a yoga teacher travelling for training, couldn't make it through her flight without doing a few relaxing poses... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE.

Many of the comments on the video took the woman's side, and I get it: she wasn't technically doing anything wrong. It's just kind of annoying, and somewhat attention-seeking. Health-wise, it's good to get a good stretch during a long flight, I'll give her that. There's even an article about the benefits of In-Flight Yoga that details 5 good in-flight poses... all of them done in your seat. 

Kay told Fox News she'd do it again. Just don't block the drink cart.

The News Junkie

The News Junkie

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