VIDEO: Bigfoot Filmed Crossing River In Michigan

A strange video captured in Michigan shows a sizeable creature crossing a river, and many believe that the peculiar beast could be Bigfoot.

According to reports, a group known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received the information earlier this month from an individual named Eddie. He claims their cousin spotted the mysterious creature while "kayaking on the Cass River."

At first, they were only provided with a photo that appears to show a creature crossing the river while holding something in its arms.

Luckily for us, Eddie later shared a quick video of the strange encounter.

As with most Bigfoot sightings, the video is difficult to decipher, but some believe the witness captured footage of an adult Bigfoot holding either a baby Bigfoot or a deer as it makes its way across the river.

Of course, more skeptical viewers think the video is a hoax, and the creature in question is either a hunter or someone wearing a Sasquatch costume.

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