Jim Philips' bathroom renovation

Thanks to Re-Bath for the bathroom renovation!

Hire Re-Bath, a national company with high standards, and accountability not various different subcontractors that have no standards or accountability to anyone but themselves.

With ReBath you are dealing with a national company that has a set of standards/rules/policies and procedures, this is security that your remodeling project will be handled professionally and to completion on time. The job will be done right the first time. All ReBath products have a lifetime guarantee including the installation.

Remodeling projects are not scary, or nerve racking, with Re-Bath they will finish on time and to your satisfaction. The reverse is a bunch of different subcontractors with no accountability to anyone but themselves.

You have the backing of ReBath corporate that your bathroom will be done correctly, to your specifications the first time. This is your piece of mind that the ReBath office here in central Florida will deliver the quality remodeling job you agreed to. And if they need to come back to fix something, they will, there is a lifetime guarantee.

Expert installation, backed by a national company, t hey do it right the first time in 2 to 4 days. They control the entire job; the design, the products, the installation with their own employees, not subcontractors. Their installers have been with ReBath 8 to 10 years!

They have both manmade and natural products all exclusive to Re-Bath, due to propriety technology. Installing a wall of material or stone in a single sheet custom cut to fit your shower or bathtub takes minute’s cutting the remodeling time in half.

To really understand what a ReBath Groutless Solution bathroom is go to the showroom, see it, and put your hands on it. See for yourself the sheets of manmade products and the sheets of natural stone, marble, & travertine all in beautiful colors.

Bathroom remodeling is all they do, it is their entire focus from shower and bathtub enclosures to a simple shower-tub conversion to full bathroom demolition and remodeling.

They are committed to quality name brand products:

  • DurraBath
  • Bertch cabinets
  • Moen
  • Toto
  • Kohler
  • Mannington Flooring
  • Avaire Flooring (interlocking tile for floating floors)
  • Jacuzzi

No cookie cutter, no one size fits all. Get the bathroom of your dreams when you choose ReBath. Design help specifically for your bathroom. They will custom fit every product to the exact dimensions when remodeling your bathroom. This ensures that your new bathroom fits your needs exactly and creates a groutless, cohesive look in your bathroom while adding value to your home.

The showroom is in Altamonte on 436 across from Kobe, see all the options, and ask for Dave.

Visit them online at rebathmidfla.com

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