To The Top Invites: Marc Mero shares big news on his life for the 1st time!

Marc Mero

Marc Mero


Marc Mero is one of the best people that I know, for so many reasons. When I was down he was there to pick me up several times in my life. His life will be a movie one day (I know, I have read the screen play) but until then this podcast covers it all and is SURE to lift you up if you are in any way feeling down!

* His former days of partying, drug dealing and women.

* How he changed his life to become a world renowned motivational speaker

* How to deal with depression or suicidal tendencies which he dealt with both.

* Divorce, how he is getting through his and how to get through yours.

* How 1 viral video changed his life and took his career to the next level.

* His life risking open heart surgery.

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