Shawn Wasson: The Traumatic Moment That Turned Him Into The News Junkie!

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Shawn is a man I have a lot of respect for. He has created a one of a kind show and people are fanatical about it. He has always been a gentleman to me & I enjoy when we get together. But this was the first time I learned about:

*How he created the News Junkie

*Is Shawn a Democrat or Republican?

*The one moment that turned Shawn into the News Junkie!

*Shawn reminisces of listening to the monsters when our show was syndicated in West Palm and he remembers a really funny moment!

*The phone call that changed Shawn's life forever

! *The 1 word that he heard Sabrina say that made him hire her.

*Shawn's insane and detailed show prep routine.

*His disastrous 1st show on Real Radio

*How structure and routine helps him perform he best.

* Prostitution, Drugs and Kids not going to school is all good with Shawn.

*The one thing that Shawn always wanted to ask me.


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