To The Top Invites: Ryan Holmes - Whats Weird About Being On The Monsters?

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Ryan Holmes goes by many names, The King Of Denmark, Booger Beard, Johnny Denmark. But I just call him Ryan, and he is a funny ass dude who I really love having on our radio show. He is also a talented stand up comedian and trivia host. Here is what we chatted about:

*How he feels being on a #1 talk show.

*What is weird about being on the Monsters?

*What Ryan did not expect being when he first got on the Monsters.

*What people freak out about him for?

*What Ryan thinks of Monster Fans.

*White people with dreads, we discuss.

*America, are we really the best?

*Ryan's life as waiter and how he made bigger tips with a Scottish accent!

*What Ryan thinks of Carlos's Characters.

*Confidence, does Ryan struggle with having it.

*The stand up world can be brutal, Ryan tells us about it.

*Ryan has a new hobby and I never would have guessed it.


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