Linda Byrd- The Big Boss at I Heart That Fired and Rehired Carlos!

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Linda Byrd is my boss, and a friend that I have known for a very long time. She is an impressive woman who is also one of the highest ranking and most powerful people in all of IHeart Radio. She took the time out of her crazy busy schedule to answer all (almost) of my questions. She is basically a historian of radio & a true story of success in this wild world of radio.

*From Copy writer to being the Boss, how did she get there?

* The insane moment that made her realize that this is what she wanted to do forever.

*What silly thing she did when she first became the boss that she feels embarrassed about looking back on.

* A funny but scary story of being in the sky with the traffic reporter.

* What made her go from hating sales to being one of the best at it.

* A real breakdown of how IHeart came to be and the multiple buyouts and co ops that formed it.

* A question that Linda says "I can't answer that."

* Who she thinks is the top talent in the market!

* When she feels was the "Best" time in radio.

* What she thinks is the current state of the radio business.

* Is radio going away and are podcast taking over?

* A MUST in how all bosses should treat their employees.

* How it feels to have to fire a friend.

* How she felt when she had to fire an ENTIRE radio station staff because of a format switch,

* Why do radio stations repeat the same songs over and over.

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