Last year Devin Siebold won the title of comedian of the year. He went up against fierce competition and came out on top. He used his position on the Monsters in the Morning radio show to further his career as well as to help other comedians book shows and get air time. Last night I won the title of 2016 Monsters in the Morning Comedian of the Year. My victory is directly attributed to my amazing friends and fans who came out and supported me last night. My competition was made up of hilarious professionals who all have my utmost respect. I am honored to have competed against them. I am going to make sure I use this great opportunity to further my success in the comedy business and to help other comedians along the way. Comedy is a competitive brotherhood. We all want to be successful but there is enough room on top for all of us. Thank you to Russ Ray Rollins Carlos Alberto Navarro Dirty Jim, Angel and the rest of the monsters for putting on this event. Thank you to James Yon, Shereen Kassam, Chris Z for being such fierce competitors. And thank you to all my fans, friends and supporters for standing beside me. It's going to be a good year. — with Devin Siebold. - Miguel

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