Blues maestro Joe Bonamassa is our first guest on My Favorite Riff, our new video series where Nikki Sixx sits down with some of the world’s greatest guitar and bass players, along with future stars, to talk about music, gear, and most importantly, riffs.  

Joe brought over his beautiful 1959 Les Paul named “Buddy” to discuss how he got into the blues at such a young age, his love of B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and the riff that changed his life - Jeff Beck’s “Let Me Love You” off the album Truth

“That was my introduction to British blues proper,” Bonamassa said after playing the blistering riff. “The thing that was the common denominator was London, Les Paul, Marshall amp, ramped up blues songs,” he continued. “You’re just hooked from the start.”

Joe also talks about Peter Green, finger picking, #BluesCares, and more. Watch My Favorite Riff above.