Nerdy News: What I'm excited for 2018!!!!

Hello friends!!  

2018 has a lot in store for us!!  Here's what i'm excited for!

2018 Movies:

  • Han Solo - we are five months out from Han Solo and we have not seen a single piece of marketing for this movie.  Should we be concerned?  i hope not. Han Solo is my favorite.  The Millenium Falcon is my most favorite ship in all the galaxy! 
  • God Particle - it's the next in the Cloverfield series from JJ Abrams
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising - robots vs kaiju are back! 
  • Ready Player One - I cannot wait!
  • Avengers Infinity War

TV of 2018:

  • Roseanne
  • Mayans MC
  • Castle Rock

Theme Park 2018:

  • Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios opens this summer
  • A new UP show at Animal Kingdom
  • Fast & Furious ride at Universal Studios
  • Infinity Falls, SeaWorld - A river raft ride with a  40-foot drop - WHAT!

Other things i'm excited for in 2018

  • Winter Olympics
  • World Cup
  • The Royal Wedding and a Royal Baby

Nerd of the Week:  Duncan Jones.  David Bowie's son has started a David Bowie book club.   You can follow along on Duncan Jones Twitter account.  The first book is Hawksmoor by Peter Aykroyd.

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