Nerdy News: John Wick on TV, Wonder Woman 2, Clue and more!

John Wick is coming to TV!  Woohoo!!   The Continental will be set in the hotel The Continental where all the assassins seek refuge during their jobs.  

Here's Keanu Reeves training for John Wick and he's such a badass!!

Paramount is reportedly in talks with Netflix to release Cloverfield 3.  The new head honcho at Paramount isn't too happy with the film and might skip the theatrical release.

Wonder Woman 2 is the first film to adopt the anti sexual harrassment guidelines.  The guidelines were created by the Producers Guild of America (PGA).  And it's not the first time Wonder Woman has taken a stand against sexual harrassment - they parted ways with Brett Ratner after the allegations against him came out.

And speaking of Brett Ratner - he's fighting back against the allegations against him with a defamation law suit.  So there's that...

A classic 80s movie is getting remade, but does it need to be.  I love the original.  But since everything gets a reboot these days, Clue is getting remade.  

Ryan Reynolds and the writers of Deadpool are attached to the project. 

Edgar Wright is awesome!  Give him a follow on Twitter and you'll love it! 

Nerd of the Week:  Lisa Banton, our Monsters Pet of the Year winner. Her dog, Odessa Jean, won the Monsters Pet of the Year last year.  And she's donating her $250 winnings to Buddies Thru Bullies!!  How awesome is that!  Here's a little more about Buddies Thru Bullies from Lisa - We have been rescuing bulldogs since 1995. We are a 501c3 and survive solely on donations, fund raisers and contests like yours...LOL. We are very lucky to have foster families throughout the state and some out of state that help in the care of these bulldogs. At this time we might have 60+. We work closely with shelters throughout the state, as well as owner surrenders that might have to give up their family member.

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