Nerdy News: Han Solo, More Star Wars, Uma Thurman and more!

It's my birthday week!!  Yay for 40!

First thank you to Russ for my gift!  How cool is this?  A Star Wars vinyl player!!  This thing is awesome!

And continuing with the birthday week - the Han Solo trailer dropped!  And here's what we saw...

  • He wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy even tho he was kicked out of flight school
  • We saw his crew - Lando, Qi'Ra - played by the Khalessi, 
  • We saw a female droid - L3-37 - (37, i say it's a nod to Kevin Smith)
  • We saw Han driving podcar - it's not podracing, but close.
  • We saw a little bit of Chewie
  • We didn't see any Jabba the Hut or Boba Fett - but they have to show up, right? Right?
  • We saw a brand new Millennium Falcon
  • We saw a woman - could it be Han solo's wife? If you read the comics, you know he was married.  Is this her?

More Star Wars news bring us just more Star Wars!  We are living in a world of Star Wars all day everyday it seems like!  And you know what - i don't think it's too much.  I think Disney is following the Marvel Universe and we have Marvel all day everyday and it's not too much.  So with that...

The Game of Thrones showrunners will be getting their own Star War Series.  Check out the announcement video below.

There will be multiple Star Wars TV shows on the new Disney streaming service in 2019.

Uma Thurman released a video of a stunt gone bad from Kill Bill 2.  Thankfully she survived but there was a huge cover up of the accident that she shared.  

Nerd of the Week:  Obviously, it's Elon Musk.  How can he not be after yesterday's Falcon Heavy launch.  

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