Nerdy News: News Sons of Anarchy, Obi-Wan movie and more!

Some happy Valentine's news for me!! 

Looks like we might be getting 3 more Sons of Anarchy show!  We know we are getting the Mayans MC show - which will be immediately following (SPOILER ALERT) Jax's death.  But Kurt Sutter has plans for two more shows, one being the story of Jax's father and the creation of Sons of Anarchy.  And then a series based on Jax's sons lives and the discovery of who their father really was.  

OMG... so excited!


Another awesome bit of Valentine's news... 

The rumoured Obi-Wan movie is to begin filming in Ireland in 2019!! Ewan McGregor - #1 on my Hollywood Top 5 - better be playing Obi-Wan!!

And some sad Valentine's news... Idris Elba is engaged.  ugh...  

Why does he have to be engaged!!  There goes my chance!!!  Here's Idris Elba proposing to his girlfriend... 

Netflix confirms that Stranger Things Season 3 will be only 8 episodes - no need for that pesky useless episode we had in season 2. 

D23 - Disney's big convention - was in Japan and we got so much info for what's coming up at the parks!!  Here's what i'm super excited for: 

Star Wars Hotel Experience!  OMG -i'm so excited for this!  Seems like it will be an immersive choose your own adventure type experience.   It's larping for real!!!    

Epcot is getting it's own Guardians of the Galaxy attraction! It's a roller coaster! The only Marvel at Disney on this side of the Mississippi!


Nerd of the Week:  Michael Rappaport.  For his love of the real housewives. 

"I might like the shows more than my wife," 

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