Nerdy News: Blogging Molly has a dream!

I have a dream!!  Finally!  I've been walking aimlessly throughout life for awhile without a dream.  

When i was five, my life dream was to go to UCF so I could work at Disney World.  My grandparents got the Florida Pre-Paid Tuition for me - so my whole life was working towards going to UCF to work at Disney.  I got a little distracted with that dream and applied to go to UNLV but reality slapped me and out of state tuition vs pre-paid college was a better deal.  So I applied to UCF.  Got my driver's license at 19 (yea i was late on that, but there's a reason), got a car and then applied for a job at Disney.  

I got my job at Disney - worked at the Star Wars store at Disney MGM Studios for three years and it was awesome.  Life dream achieved at 19.  

Then I had another dream - to work at REAL Radio.  I listened to this station while in college and loved it.  After college, i applied for an internship, got said internship.  And i've been here ever since.  Second life dream achieved at 22.

I really haven't had a big dream since then.  I'm 40.  I NEED A DREAM! So let's talk about other people who have had dreams...

Nicolas Cage has had a dream to play Superman.  There's test footage of him playing Superman.  The movie event went into production.  Tim Burton was going to direct it.  Kevin Smith wrote it.  He has a great story about the whole experience.  But Superman Lives was never made.  The movie was shelved.  Nic Cage's dream of playing Superman was ripped from him.    

20 years later - Nic Cage will play Superman in a DC film!!  He gets to live his dream in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies!  He will voice Superman in the Teen Titans movie! How awesome is that!!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is campaigning to play Flashpoint Batman.  And i totally support this! 

Flashpoint Batman is Jeffrey Dean Morgan's favorite Batman and he wants to do this!  Make it happen, Jeffrey!!!

So what's my dream??  I want to be on Season 2 of Netflix's Nailed It!!  

I'm gonna be honest - I don't like cooking shows and i've never even entertained the idea of being on a competition reality show.  They are my least favorite of all the reality shows.  

But i want to be on this show!  I love a Pinterest Project!!  I love a Pinterest Cooking Project!!  I love showing the world my Pinterest Cooking Project Fails!!  And that is what this show is!!  And it's hilarious!  I binged this show in almost one night!  4 episodes in one night, 2 the next.  there's only 6 episodes. Not enough in my opinion.  

But my question is - how do i even go about applying for this show?  Where?  How?  I need help!!  What do i do?  

Here's a clip from one of the episodes:

Here's some of my Nailed It Pinterest projects!

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