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How much to rent a sail boat in Panama City Florida?

Can you believe it only cost me $65 a night to rent a boat in Panama city Florida? I've never been to the panhandle of Florida, neither has my wife. We could not believe we found this deal on Air B&B. We get to stay in the marina, with a pool , go boating during the day and out to the local bars at night!

I've always loved the "boating" lifestyle. Hanging out and drinking on the dock, watching the waves during the day and smelling the salt water at night. It's romantic, exciting and very laid back. I can smell the shrimp boiling, I can hear the Jimmy Buffet cover band playing and feel the sun on my face. We are super excited about trip to the panhandle of the great state of Florida.

The anticipation of this vacation is almost as fun as I bet the trip will be! While I'm there I'm going to take "sailing" classes and learn to captain my own sail boat. The idea of sailing to an island with my wife and hanging out alone all day sounds fantastic! 

Click to the right of the picture to see all 5 of the photos from our upcoming adventure!

We looked into and cruise, but after looking at the cost and the fact we have both been to every "private Island" a cruise company can take us on....... this seemed to really jump out at us!

If you have any ideas for what we can do in Panama City in June, e-mail me Russ@wtks.com!

I"m ready to learn to sail!!

Russ Ray Rollins


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