Has Anyone Seen 7-Eleven's New Tater Tot Bar??

This is why 7-Eleven will never go away.  They know what the people need....Slurpees & Tater Tots!

Now we just need to locate these bad boys

The same condiments that are currently available for the nachos & hotdogs are available for the 7-Eleven tots ranging from pico de gallo, cheese, chili, onions and jalapeños. It's pretty cheap too!  They charge you per tot, which is kind of weird but cheap nonetheless. 10pcs for $1 or 25pcs for $2.  The downside is that they are made in the microwave so if you're looking for a super crispy tot, 7-Eleven ain't going to be your place but if you want to slather your tots with as much cheese and chili you can get your hands on, head to 7-Eleven GO GET YOUR TOT ON!

Now to find the locations that are offering....if you see them, send me the location.  

Since we are talking tots I think we should talk tot recipes. Here is one of my favorites!



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