DUI Suspect Arrested With BAC of .316

Meet Collin James Daniel.

Pictured above in his mugshot, Daniel was driving through an apartment complex in Spring Hill, FL and was observed "colliding with numerous objects" before he got out of his vehicle and started a fight with a man walking his German Shepherd.

He tried hiding from police by laying down between some air conditioners, but with the aid of a helicopter, he was found and arrested. When given a breathalyzer test, his blood alcohol content registered in at a whopping .316, almost four times the legal limit.

To put things in perspective, alcohol poisoning is possible once your BAC hits .250, anything above .3 could be fatal, and your natural reflexes like breathing or heart rate can shut off around .35. In 2004, a college student died with a BAC of .328.

The legal limit in Florida is .08

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