Have you ever fallen into the wormhole of  websites or facebook pages where people spend their days trying to convince us why they think the Earth is flat?  

I do and it is facinating! 

This guy "Mad" (duh) Mike Hughes decided it was time to launch himself into the blue abyss to confirm his theory that the Earth is indeed flat.  What's more shocking is that he was able to raise money, from other Flat-Earthers, to help him prove the Earth is flat.  

"Mad" Mike Hughes launching himself into space.

Obviously, this did not work out for him.  He was able to get himself to about 350 mph before having to pull his chute.  He then pulled a second chute right before he hit the ground hurting his back. Again, duh.  His hope is to launch himself 62 miles into space to prove to the world the Earth is in the shape of a frisbee.  It's not yet known what he will do when he actually reaches 62 miles into space or what the plan is to get back home.  

And if you still want "100% proof" the Earth is flat.  Here you go.  Interesting way to waste some damn time on Monday.  

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