The Daily 5 is back on REAL Radio 104.1

It's #TheDaily5!  Are you on it? 

Each weekday at 9AM, we will post 5 names of REAL Nation members on 

The first of those 5 names to claim each day will win awesome prizes!  

Click here for The Daily 5:  Monsters Fan Appreciation Day

Past Winners:

  • May 2:  George Foerst won $104 Gift Card!
  • May 1:  No winner.
  • April 30:  No winner.
  • April 27:  Robin Thagard won apair of tickets to see Nick Swardson at The Plaza on May 10th and the biggest, baddest movie bundle of all time!  Movies include  It digital download, Guardians of the Galaxy digital download, Thor: Ragnorak digital download, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales digital download, Fate of the Furious Blu-Ray/DVD, Wonder Blu-Ray/DVD, Malcolm X Blu-Ray, The Hitman's Bodyguard Blu-Ray/DVD, Blade Runner the Final Cut Blu-Ray/DVD, King of Horror Collection Blu-Ray/DVD, Christmas Collection with How the Grinch Stole Christmas Blu-Ray, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Blu-Ray, The Polar Express Blu-Ray, A Christmas Story Blu-Ray, Elf Blu-Ray
  • April 26:  Arnie Holder won an Amazon Echo Dot and a pair of tickets to see Orlando City take on Real Salt Lake on Sunday, May 6, a pair of tickets to see James Taylor, a pair of tickets to see Paul Simon, 4 tickets to the Orlando Science Center and $25 to Liam Fitzpatricks!
  • April 25:  No winner - Prize Rollover!
  • April 24:  No winner - Prize Rollover!
  • April 23:  Chris Harper won Amazon Echo Dot, Orlando Science Center 4 tickets, $25 to Liam Fitpatricks and $104 Gift Card!
  • April 20:  No Winner - Prize Rollover!
  • April 19:  Jason White won 4 EDBD tickets, Kennedy Space Center tickets and $50 Marlows Gift Card
  • April 18:  No Winner - Prize Rollover!
  • April 17: Jodie Shadron won floor seats to Bon Jovi!
  • April 16:  Beth Shanholtz won $104 Gift Card!
  • April 13:  Corriann Pollison of 32780 won 4 tickets to Wassi's Sunshine State Eggfest, a $25 Liam Fitzpatick's gift card, $50 Marlows Gift Card and 2 Tickets to Paul Simon!
  • April 12: No winner - Prize Rollover
  • April 11:  Denise Covert won all this: 4 tickets to a Florida Film Festival screening, 4 tickets to Orlando Science Center, $50 to Tijuana Flats, $104 Gift Card, an Amazon Echo Dot, a pair of tickets Orlando City vs San Jose Earthquakes on April 21st and 4 tickets to Earthday Birthday 25!
  • April 10:  No winner - Prize Rollover
  • April 9:  No winner - Prize Rollover
  • April 6:  No winner - Prize Rollover
  • April 5: Angel Miranda won the prize rollover:  Amazon Echo Dot, a pair of tickets to Orlando City's game this Sunday, 4 tickets to Earthday Birthday 25, 4 tickets to Wassi's Sunshine State Egg Fest and $25 Liam Fitzpatrick's Gift Card!
  • April 4:  No Winner- Prize Rollover!
  • April 3:  No Winner- Prize Rollover!
  • April 2 Winner: Janine Lehrer won $104 Gift Card

If the prize goes unclaimed... it rolls over to the next day until it is claimed!  

The first person on the list to email to claim the prizes wins.

*The cutoff to claim will be 11:59 PM each weekday of the list. 

To be in the running, you just have to subscribe to the REAL Radio 104.1 Newsletter.  If you don't already,  CLICK HERE, to sign up for free.

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