Slain Businessman Buried with over $100k in Jewelry

A man from Trinidad and Tobago who was described as a "good soul but shady car dealer" was killed in a drive-by attack outside of a relative's home last week.

People who knew 33-year-old Sheron Sukhdeo would say his final showing was just as any other day for the young millionaire... FLASHY AF.

After laying in a $50,000 gold casket adorned with about $100,000 worth of gold necklaces, rings, and other various jewelry, Sukhdeo's body took its final ride in a $150k Bentley Hearse in a procession that included two giant music trucks and many flashy cars.  That ride ended at a cremation site where Sukhdeo's body was burned publicly on a giant funeral pyre, while spectators poured champagne on the fire while nearby cars drifted around it. Employees at the cremation site expressed frustration that local police allowed a "car show" to occur on sacred grounds.

Police are examining a possible family connection to the shooting. Sukhdeo was recently charged twice for assault but had the charges dropped when his wife refused to testify.



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