Who is Savannah?

Savannah Boan is 6ft tall with luminous blond hair, arms and legs for days and a voice like the air horn on an 18 wheeler. Looks like a model, talks like a Marine and has been in radio for 10 years.(She was in the Marine Corps for 4) Radio is filled with strange characters and Savannah is their reigning queen. She is a talk show Evita, one part Dr. Laura and one part Ellie Mae Clampett delivering bizarre observations and loopy tales with a flirtatious crudeness and in a penetrating ear-delicious twang. A natural comic with a grits and gravy accent and a rebellious spirit she has won listeners, fans, friends and stalkers alike throughout her career. Maintaining 1st place ratings on a night time show, a mid-day show and a morning show she has garnered local and national sponsors. Channel surfing between insanity and common sense Savannah has been in several films where she played herself, has two CD’s of original music and comedy songs writes an article for a local paper, wrestled alligators, handled the Guinness Book of World records largest snake in the world on the Conan O'Brien Show and has performed at sold out Hard Rock Live and House of Blues shows alike. She has also performed stand-up comedy in New York and Orlando. A long way from her first appearance opening up for a 2 nosed pig in New Symrna Beach, FL. She now does a weekly radio segment on Real Radio 104.1 and I Heart Radio speaking about all things wild as well as working with The Reptile Zoo in Southern California coordinating enrichment activities for alligators, crocodilians, alligators, monitors, snakes and managing the ever expanding social media landscape. Savannah is an all inclusive entertainer with the ability and drawing power to captivate any audience and leave them wanting more…



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