'Cocaine Babe' Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

Canadian-born Melina Roberge and her accomplice, Isabelle Lagace, had quite the vacation.

The summer of 2016 saw the pair in New York, Ireland, Bermuda, and more as they sailed on the MS Sea Princess, which stops 17 times in 11 different countries before reaching Australia. They documented the trip on their Instagram pages, often bikini-clad drinking from coconuts on the most pristine of beaches. 

...all the while sitting on 209 pounds of cocaine.

The pair, along with their 'sugar daddy,' Andre Tamin, were charged with importing a commercial quantity of cocaine into Australia, a charge which includes a maximum penalty of life in prison. Border guards down under said their bags were packed so full of drugs they had little room for clean underwear or spare toothbrushes. 

Roberge, the youngest, was convicted and sentenced to eight years behind bars. Lagace got a 7.5 year sentence late last year and Tamin awaits his sentencing in October



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