Woman Lived With Cockroach In Ear For 9 Days!

In the most "Hell No" story this week for sure, a Florida Woman found an entire palmetto bug in her ear.

Katie Holley woke up instantly to a horrible feeling in her ear. She shot out of bed instantly. After her husband got up to investigate and dug around with some Q-Tips and tweezers, they found the culprit: a roach, still alive, inside her ear.

"I knew right away that there was something that was not right"

After an awkward scramble to get in the car and a whimpering, tearful trip to the ER, doctors were sure they removed the mass, but the nightmare wasn't over. Holley had lingering discomfort and was crackling during yawns. Something was still wrong.

After being checked by another doctor who flushed out the ear, another few pieces of the ear were present.... and the doctor had bad news: this thing was really in there. Katie was going to need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist to get the rest out. 

Read more and see more pics of the trespasser here...

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