My first time cosplaying!!!

Hello Friends!

For the last couple of years, i have wanted to cosplay as Steampunk Princess Leia.  Well this year for Megacon, I finally made it happen!  

I love the steampunk look and we all know i love Star Wars!  So I mashed them up!  And we all know i love a good mash up!  

I must admit, i didn't get all the pieces for the costume done in time.  I am a procrastinator and thought i had all the time in the world. Next think you know, it's the week of and i still don't have the fabric bought for my holster.  I also hadn't painted my gun yet either!  So off to Joann's I go to buy everything.  It's Monday when i went shopping and Megacon starts on Thursday.  Sure all the time in the world...

So i start to spray paint the gun and i get a little over zealous with the paint.  I forget to leave the orange tip and i painted so much that it clumped up and actually ate through the plastic of the gun.  So i bought another gun on Amazon and it wasn't going to be delivered until Friday.  

Well that made my decision on what day i'm dressing up - Saturday.  Saturday morning, i was less zealous with the spray paint and the gun was ready in 10 minutes.  

Back to the holster making, well... that didn't happen.  It was busy week last week - work, kid, life.  So i made the decision to hold off on making the holster.  Steampunk Leia is a cosplay I plan to do a lot, and I will be adding to the costume as I go.  Next time Steampunk Leia comes out, she'll have a holster.  

Here's some pics of my costume!  I had so much fun walking around Megacon as Steampunk Leia! I can't wait to cosplay again!  

Hair and make up done!

There was no way i could put the corset on myself - so i had to come to Megacon with a flower shirt on! haha!  I call this Hawaiian Steampunk Leia!  

And here's the final look

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