Bartender Bitchslaps Woman Who Grabbed Her Butt

A bartender in New Orleans may be facing assault charges after smacking the s**t out of a woman who grabbed her butt.

The woman was tending to a customer who was leaned over in a barber's chair getting Fireball poured in his mouth when a female customer walked by and lightly smacked her butt.

The bartender immediately turned around and delivered a SAVAGE blow to the face of the shocked customer, following it with two more smacks before security gets in the middle and escorts the customer outside. It was a scene reminiscent of the Georgia waitress who confronted a grabby customer in a similar manner.

The employee then proceeded to finish the Fireball shot which included violently forcing another customer's face into her cleavage. The video (seen below) has gone viral and garnered mixed reaction from over 6.75 million viewers.



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