Domino's Cancels Tattoo Promotion After Huge Response

Domino's Pizza in Russia was offering pizza for life to customers who got a tattoo of their logo. Unfortunately for them, hundreds were willing to participate.

The brand posted on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, saying that people who got the brand logo tattooed on their body would receive 100 pizzas a year for 100 years. Basically, for the investment of a small tattoo, someone could feed themselves for life by getting a free pizza every 3.65 days, right? It seems the powers that be at Domino's vastly underestimated the number of people who would agree to such an arrangement.

Days after the announcement and weeks ahead of the expected end of the promotion, they were forced to close down the deal, telling followers they already had 350 participants. 

(Don't wanna do the math? They maybe on the horn for over 35,000 free pizzas a year)

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