RRR: I have a favor to ask! Please?

Please share (or order) : "Jolly Jane"

I rarely ask for a favor....... but this means a lot to me!

We have between now and October 17th to raise enough money for the Kickstarter for my new Graphic Novel, "Jolly Jane". 

Why is it in a "Kickstarter?"

Good question!

Big City Comics is a comic book company, but it's not Marvel or D.C..

The production of the books comes out of the Kickstarter, if there is enough interest in the graphic novel. If there is not enough interest and we don't sell enough copies pr-order..... the book will not get produced. If I don't have enough interest, it doesn't deserve to be printed! I really want this to be printed!

If you can pre-order a copy of "Jolly Jane" 1st edition, please do it asap! If you can not order now ( starts as little as $5) CAN YOU PLEASE SHARE THE LINK?? It's the link: Kickstarter.com search JOLLY JANE.

I've worked really hard on this for almost a year with Jeff Kaufman from Big City Comics ( Full discloser: a sponsor of Real Radio 104.1). If we get this produced, you will all help a big dream come true!

Thank you in advance to everyone that will help me with "Jolly Jane." YOU WILL LOVE THIS STORY, and you will recognize some people in the comic!

Please share or get a copy of Jolly Jane!

Thank you so much!!


Jolly Jane cover
Jolly Jane 2
Jolly Jane 3
Jolly jane 4

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