KISS "End of the Road" tour?

KISS , "End of the Road"???

Will this be the REAL "End of the Road" for my favorite band in the world KISS?

Yes. Yes, this is it.

Gene Simmons is 69 years old. Paul Stanley is 67. It's time to hang it up. I hate to say it, but I don't want the band I love to stay at the table way to long and wear out their welcome. Blow it out one last time. Have the greatest tour ever. Include Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick. Give the fans something to remember and ride off into the sunset with flames blazing and the bombs exploding. Don't let anyone else try to carry the torch. KISS is not the same without Gene and Paul. It's just not. 

If you are a KISS fan, you need to go one last time. If you have NEVER seen KISS, you need to go. It is the greatest show you will ever see. They may move a little slower than they did in the past, but they still bring the heat. I saw them in Chicago last year and they were still awesome. The crowd was going crazy, KISS was still on fire. 

I love this band. They have taught me a lot about entertainment, about how to treat "fans" and how to react with band members (show members). Band members with addiction issues, band members that want to leave and do things on their own and band members that want to return. I will say, Paul Stanley has helped me a great deal with understanding the mind of an artist.

When I want to get fired up, I listen to KISS. When I'm sad, I listen to KISS. When I workout, I listen to KISS. When I want to party, I listen to KISS. Now it's the "End of the Road"..... but I will still , listen to KISS.



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