STOP listening to REAL RADIO 104.1

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STOP listening to REAL RADIO 104.1.

A letter to warn you before your feelings get hurt

By: Russ Ray Rollins
Posted: 7:10 Jan 4, 2019
Real Radio 104.1 - WTKS Orlando

I love most all of the new and longtime listeners of The Monsters and Real Radio 104.1. When I meet a REAL listener that GETS the station, it is an honor to me. But as of late, some of you don't remember what this station is about.

Are you extremely conservative? Are you an over the top liberal? Do people who have different opinions than yours make you upset? Do you hate "off color" jokes? Are you so light wing liberal that making fun of PETA makes you irate? Are such a conservative Trump-a-maniac that a joke about building the wall has you spitting nails? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions; STOP listening to REAL RADIO 104.1!

We run a disclaimer before every radio program on our radio station. It warms listeners that “the opinions and views are that of the hosts and callers and not that of the management of the radio station…… you may be offended .” We tell you….. YOU MAY BE OFFENDED! 

I have been a host of a radio show on Real Radio 104.1 for more than two decades, I’ve never had to deal with so many cry baby, “I got my feelings hurt”, soft, disgruntled, jelly fish, pansy, wussy, whiners in my entire career. What happened to some of you listeners in Orlando? When did some of you get so emotionally sensitive??

Here is a sample of an email I got today:

“I love the monsters.14 yr listener.i know you dont care .i took a few months off .i dont like the show with carlos .not even 2 minutes on the air .right to politics. i dont know .all u will say .is when the clintons.the Obamas.nancy and chuck all thought a wall or a fence was good until trump wants it .now its know .i just cant listen .im here to laugh and chill while i work .carlos is to much for me .im out. And will still check in from time to time.control that guy russ .


Here is what I told this guy:

“That’s OK. I don’t think our type of radio is right for you. Some people can’t listen to things they don’t agree with. You should listen to something else where you agree with everything they say. Real radio is supposed to ruffle feathers sometimes. If you can’t handle that you should listen to something else. Carlos is a friend of mine and I value him and his opinion, even when I don't agree. That is what grown ups do.  Take care, RRR”

When you hear something you don’t like, your solutions is “control that guy?” No, I have never and will never “control what someone thinks or says” on my show. If I don’t agree with something that is said,  I will be man enough to say, “I don’t agree.” I’m not hyper sensitive to political talk, I’m not a Trump-a-maniac or do I “Feelin the Bern”.  Other than hate talk, racists hate talk, horrible things said about the less fortunate……anyone, can say damn near anything, and I’m good with it. 

If you are super sensitive, stop sending me these pathetic , cry baby emails and messages. JUST DON’T LISTEN!

The Monsters in the Morning and Real Radio 104.1 is about free thought. It’s topical, it’s LIVE, it’s what is going on RIGHT NOW and it’s about many different opinions. It should be shocking at times, helpful at times, stupid at times and important to the community at times. If we white wash everything, and make it so this radio station never offends anyone, you might as well burn the station down. It would be worthless. 

We have been the #1 FM talk station in the country for decades for one reason only; “Real Radio 104.1, We say what we want!”


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