Dwight Bain's guide to be more positive

Dwight Bane's 10 Steps to Increase Positivity Now!

Things that Reduce positivity:

1. Social media

2. Tragic stories in the News

3. Negative people who want to argue their opinions 

4. Toxic People who attack with hate 

5. Sleep Loss

6. Poor diet

7. Idle/sitting, (especially in the dark) 

8. Resentment / Non-forgiveness 

9. Dwelling in past regrets

10. Lack of purpose 

Solve this with:

1. Airplane mode to turn off notifications 

2. Select the stories you need and avoid the ones that traumatize, (or simply watch cute puppy/kitten videos on YouTube)

3. Talk with and then set boundaries with negative people

4. Avoid and enforce boundaries with toxic hateful people

5. Unplug and aggressively work on building a sleep schedule 

6. Ask your health-conscious friends how to eat better so you can feel better

7. "Angelique therapy" by getting up and moving!  Dance, run, walk, yoga-get moving to feel stronger

8. Forgive to live better

9. Celebrate today by living in the day and not worrying about the decade

10. Read for your life and set some goals about places you want to go experience

Your brain to be programmed to live better. Take control of these behaviors to have a healthier and better life today!

Dwight Bain is a licensed mental health councilor. He can be found at www.dwightbain.com

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