Who won the Crimeline Chili cookoff?


The 2019 Crimeline Chili Cookoff

By: Russ Ray Rollins
WTKS - Real Radio 104.1
Sunday Jan. 13, 2019    12:10

What  GREAT day at the Crimeline Chili cookoff. Thousands of great Real Radio 104.1 listeners and so much great chili. 

The "Head Hog" chili went to our buddy Steve White from Porkey's Barbecue with his Bison Chili! Way to go Steve!

Winning another wooden spoon this year, with a long streak of wins, goes to Jim Colbert! This year he won in a new category, "Best Kitchen home cooked Chili". Jim has won something at the chili cookoff for the past 6 years! Congratulations Jim Colbert show!

The "Best booth" Spoon went to our good friends at Bubblous Barbecue! Boo had an awesome set up once again!

In a surprise this year, the most coveted spoon at the Crimeline Chili cookoff goes to the Monsters in the Morning with "Bacon & Beer Chili." The Peoples Choice spoon went to Russ Rollins and the Monsters. Not only did the Monsters when with popular votes, the Monsters also won the award for most donations at their booth. They raised over $300 in extra donations for Crimeline!

We did not win any awards from the judges but the people and listeners voted for our chili. That is extra special to us all.

I have to say, It was my idea to do the "Bacon & Beer" chili, and we did decide to spend extra money on great ingredients. But, other than write the check and "help", my wife Maryellen did all the really had work. She is an awesome cook. The cornbread and the Cheezit's were her idea and it really worked. My great friend Scott York helped us SO much. It would not had been as good with out Scott. Thank you York!



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