Collector Item Invicta watches.

My new obsession is a brand of watch.

For Christmas my writing partner for "Jolly Jane" and friend Jeff Kaufman, bought me a bad ass watch. Not just a watch, a special addition "Batman" collectors Invicta. It was made special for the New York Comic-con and it was a special order. After I got that, I saw the "Aquaman" Invicta and I had to have it. 

Invicta is not Rolex, but I like them much better. They have hundreds of watches that are made solid. They have weight to them and feel great. Unlike my Rolex, these watches keep great time. They are more like me. Big, goofy and fun.

The next watch I'm looking at is the "Flash", it's bad ass!!

I'm team Invicta, how about you?


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