Border Collie accused of sexual abuse

accused dog

Border Collie accused of sexual abuse.

Publish: Adam Wayne
WTKF - EL Paso- BSTV 65
January 16, 2019 - 1:34 PM

For the third night in a row, PETBC (People for the Ethical Treatment of Border Collies)  demonstrators took to the streets in several Texas cities. About 400 protesters assembled in downtown El Paso late Thursday chanting “this dog won't hunt” the Associated Presser reported. Some among the crowd vandalized 19 cars at a dealership in Northeast Fort Taco, according to a sales manager. Protesters then headed west, over the Broadway Bridge and into the Tamale District, where the windows of several businesses were smashed.

The protest was mostly peaceful until demonstrators met with the NRA , after which demonstrators vandalized buildings, kicked cars and knocked out power, KXWZ-TV reported.

Demonstrators repeatedly chanted "peaceful protest for the pups." The PETBC are protesting the new program that uses Border Collies on the Mexican boarder of Texas. Border Collies have a special ability to detect people that are good and people who have nefarious intent. Border Collies also, when in a pack, can herd and capture anything on the planet. This is why FAMN has started using Border Collies instead of waiting for a wall to be built on the boarder of Mexico.

Wayne Willard, director of FAMN, said "Boarder Collies are the perfect dogs to protect our southern boarder. They're smart, they don't eat much and they can round up any Mexican that tries to make it across the boarder. I say, we don't need a damn wall, we need more Border Collies!"

The "Barking Banditos"

This group of 7 Border Collies is the first group to be used in El Paso. The group of canines pictured have been dubbed the "Barking Banditos" and have already rounded up several illegal Mexicans trying to cross the boarder. These dogs can cover an area of 40 acres and with a mule, to help attract illegals,  the "Barking Banditos" have apprehended over 26 men and woman. FAMN plans on increasing the amount of Border Collies across the Mexican boarder, but their plans are not without protest. 

"Tex-Mex" Captain of the "Barking Banditos"

The captain of the "Barking Banditos" , "Tex-Mex", has had his number of issues in the first 6 months of patrolling the Mexican boarder. Tex-Mex has been accused of excepting bribes from illegal aliens. Within the first month of patrolling the boarder he was caught with a bag of burritos and chimimchanga's in his barracks. After being disciplined, only a month later Tex-Mex was accused of sexually abusing another member of the Banditos. That sexual abuse case is what has caused the protest by the PETBC. 

Alleged abused dog "Humpers"

Jane Hathaway, president of the PETBC, told WTKF "If Humpers is going to risk his life to guard our boarder, he needs to be safe from sexual abuse. What Tex-Mex did to him is not acceptable. It's border collie abuse!!"

"There's a lot of fear going around right now," Hathaway said. "We're in a turbulent time with this whole checking the boarder. And there are people who have been fighting for equal rights for a long time, and they're scared to leave their house right now because with this current event came a bunch of hate and bigotry being spewed all over the place. Border Collies have rights too."

More protests and dog walks were planned for the weekend.

Contributing: Jane Onyanga-Omara in Oviedo, and Teresa Boeckel, reporting for the New York Daily Record.
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