Issue 2 of "Jolly Jane", Carlos debut!

"Jolly Jane" Issue 2 out this week.

By: Adam Wayne
WTKS - Real Radio Orlando
January 19, 2019 - 11:54

The second issue of the hit comic book, "Jolly Jane" is out this week. It will be available at the Florida Mall during the Florida Toy & Comic Book convention, January 26-27th. Issue two will continue where the first origin story left off. 

origin story of "Jolly Jane"

"Jolly Jane" is a story written by radio host of the "Monsters in the Morning", Russ Rollins and "Big City Comics" writer Jeff Kaufman. It's the story of a paramedic who is possessed by the evil spirit of a real serial killer, "Jolly" Jane Toppan.  The paramedic, Missy Brand, is loosely based on Rollins' wife. Many of the stories are actual things that happened in her 25 years as a paramedic. The first page of issue one, is an example of a real life event. 

After Missy is possessed by the evil spirit of "Jolly Jane", we see a shift in good and evil within the body of Missy Brand. In issue two, Missy fights with her new inner demon and works out a happy medium between the two opposing souls. We also meet a friend from Missy's past, Carlos Navorro, who is here to help Missy for reasons you will have to read about in this exiting issue!

Carlos and Jolly Jane

Cover art for issue 2 of "Jolly Jane"

Here are two different covers for issue two of "Jolly Jane". There will be 4 covers available at the upcoming Toy & Comic convention at the Florida Mall, January 26-27th.

Jane 1

Cover by world famous artist Billy Tucci.

Jolly Jane cover 2

Cover #2 by Billy Tucci, world famous comic book artist.

See what happens in issue 2 of "Jolly Jane" by going to " ". You will not believe how this story ends up!

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