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Why I love Cher: By Russ Rollins

Written by: Russ Rollins
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January 21, 2019 - 12:12 PM

When I was an 8 year old kid in 1973, the hottest act on TV was Sonny & Cher. They had hits on the radio like "The Beat Goes on" and "I got you Babe."  "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" was a variety show that ran from August of 1971 until it was cancel in May of 1974. The show was canceled because Sonny and Cher got a divorce. When I heard they had split up, I cried like my mom and dad had left each other! It was so heart breaking for me as a little fat kid. Sonny, how could you do this to Cher?? Turns out, Sonny was a player and loved to sleep around. Cher left him because he could not keep it in his pants.

Sonny & Cher

This is the first album I ever bought with my own money as a little kid. It's a double live album called "Sonny & Cher Live in Las Vegas Vol. 2", I have no idea if there was a Vol. 1. I would listen to the album in my bed room over and over again while I constantly cleaned my room with Pledge. I loved the opening song "All I ever need is you" and after a comedy skit they sang "I can see clearly now." I loved the entire album. I memorized the stand up material and performed it in the mirror with a girl friend of mine that lived next door. I would be Sonny and Lisa would be Cher. With songs like "Gypsys, tramps & thieves" and "I got you Babe" I thought I was listening to grown up music. I will say, I felt SUPER grown up when I opened the double album! LOOK AT WHAT CHER HAS ON!!!

Cher dressed as an indian

When you open up the double live album, you see a bunch of photos of Sonny & Cher, with a couple of pictures of Cher dressed in an Indian costume. As a little boy, I knew that photo made me feel good in a strange way. I had no idea why I stared at the photo for hours. I didn't know why I would look at her belly button most of the time. 

My first celebrity crush was 100% Cher!

I loved the fact that she was funny and she didn't take any smack from Sonny.  My crush was on Cher.

In 1976 Sonny & Cher reunited for "The Sonny & Cher Show', but the show was never the same. Sonny & Cher working together as a divorced couple was never as good as the first run of the show.

Tonight Im taking my wife to the Cher concert. Cher is 71 now, but I still think she's beautiful. Cher has done so much since 1973 when I got my first album. I feel lucky, not many people get to still see their first celebrity crush. I know it's not "cool" for a straight guy to love Cher, but I never care what other people think. I will go tonight, sing "Dark Lady" as loud as I want to, and have a great time!

Russ Ray Rollins

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